St Andrews Apartments (“St Andrews”) is a boutique apartment provider based in Maidstone, Kent available to be booked by members of the public on various websites, including but not limited to,, expedia etc. In this page “guest” means someone who has a confirmed booking at our property.

This page details how we use and store your personal information.

Systems we use & how we store your data.

St Andrews takes your data very seriously. We use an entirely outsourced secure guest management system operated by the business known as Eviivo CPA (“eviivo”). Eviivo record the necessary information we require to admit guests to our properties and charge guests for our services. This may include your credit card information.

We also use email to communicate with guests. Email information is deleted from time to time. Please see below under “old data”.

Which data we require.

St Andrews stores the required amount of personal information about our guests to both operate the booking and to satisfy other authorities. This information includes the basic information required to make a booking, including: Name, Email address, Phone number, etc of the guest. Sometimes, due to the requirements of law-enforcement authorities, we may require additional information: for example, this may include address confirmation or a copy of the guest’s passport.

How we collect your information.

We work with many OTAs (Online Travel Agencies). Some of these agencies charge the guests directly; others pass the guests’ payment information to us to process the payment.

St Andrews stores no personal information in printed or written format, unless on some occasions we ask guests to complete and sign a check-in form. In this case the check-in document is entered on to the secure guest management system within 24 hours of booking and the paper format destroyed.

On occasions where we process a credit card payment because the OTA has passed this data to us or a guest books with us directly, we do have access to your credit card information. However, we only have the opportunity to view your CCV code on your card once, to process the payment. Again, all of this information is directly entered on to our secure computer systems, it is not recorded on an individual computer or paper or printed format. We are a PCI compliant business and use an external credit card processing company to process all payments.


St Andrews do not use any guest personal information to market our business. There are many opportunities for guests to connect with our social media channels, however we expressly do not use your information collected when you book to send marketing information, for example via email. Should this situation change in the future, guests will be expressly asked their permission for this.

“Old Data”

From time to time (usually on a 1/4rly basis) St Andrews performs an audit of the data we do hold about you. Where it is in our power to do so (for example where the data is contained on systems we control), we delete data that we n-longer require. This may include emails and other data.


St Andrews does not discriminate on guests we admit on any basis. This includes, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, etc. This notwithstanding, we do reserve the right to cancel the bookings of any guests who have stayed with us previously whose behavior has been deemed to be poor or anti-social, or guests who have damaged our property without making this damage good or without notifying us of such damage.

For any enquiry, please contact us via [email protected]